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Emma Road-Retired

Emma Road is a 6 year old Golden Retriever. She has her OFA completed on elbows and heart and eyes. Emma is also health tested and is not a carrier of any genetic issue. She has had 3 litters and will have her last litter in  Winter of 2023.​ Her Retirement litter was born in November 2023 and she decided to go out with a bang with a litter of 14! Her biggest litter and the biggest litter of Homegrown Goldens so far.


Rigby is a 5  year old, who has had 3 previous litters. She has had bigger litters and the sweetest puppies. She is Health tested and only has a marker for low ALT. She is also OFA Tested on Eyes, Heart, Hips and Elbows. 


Winnie Road is 3 years old, she has had 2 Litters,  Winnie has had consistent litters of 9 puppies both times. She is health tested with no genetic issues and OFA tested. She is a loving, and a cuddle monster.


Ellie is an almost 2 year old, she is health tested and carries no genetic issues. She will have her Eyes and Heart OFA tested in 2024 and Pinn Hip completed at the same time.


MILLIEMillie is 1 year old and will be the newest member to our breeding females. In early 2024,  she will have her OFA testing on heart and eyes and Pin Hip completed. She is health tested and carries a marker for Ichthyosis. Millie is turning into a very nice dog and is a lover of the outdoors and prefers to spend more time out then in!

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